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About Satkartar
Satkartar Group Development INC. is a Many year old business operating and serving the New York Metropolitan Area.We are a minority organization that has quickly risen to become one of New York City's most fast-growing corporation with a lengthy clientele of City and State organizations.

We are a fully insured, bonded and licensed corporation operating in all five boroughs of New York City as well as Nassau and Suffolk counties. In addition, Satkartar Group Development INC. is New York City Rigger licensed and works in accordance with Local Law 10 & 11.

Satkartar Group Development INC. is an all-encompassing company where our clients may have all their construction needs managed by one company.

We operate in the Commercial, Industrial, Municipal, Institutional and Residential sectors. Our expertise is awarded with state and city contracts as well as contract awards from private and prominent development groups.

Additionally, Satkartar Group Development INC. builds new buildings and communities in the private sector. We managed construction projects from theinitial stages of planning to demolition to the complete new building construction, all in strict accordance with the New York City Department of Building construction codes.

Services offer includes but is not limited to these construction areas :


    Foundation & Excavation

    New Building Construction in the commercial and private housing communities

    Residential & Commercial alterations, conversions & extensions

    Sidewalk Shed Installation & Rentals

    Masonry Restoration, Concrete Work and Roofing

Satkartar Group Development INC. is committed to providing quality workmanshipand prompt, reliable service to clients in immediate need of our services.Thus, we provide 24 hours emergency response 7 days of the week and 2ndshift as necessary.We provide free estimate and consultation to all clients and our work is guaranteed in our continuing attempt to provide the quality service upon which our clients can rely.

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